March 2014

Posted on 3/19/2014

Tuesday after work I went with a friend to hike to Aldrich's a quick 4 mile hike, but after Monday cross fit I was HURTING. Plus we didn't start hiking till almost 5, and I was scared we were going to have to hike down in the dark so I was trying to go fast. But it was all on old roads and it was pretty brutal.
It was, as always, worth it.
This was the first ridge- super cool and pretty - but the best was yet to come!!

This was the 2nd ridge line, which is behind an old house that was used when construction on the Bonneville Dam was happening. I guess to see how far along they were? 

Yes, I made my friend take about a billion pictures of me. He is a good sport, thanks friend - if you're reading this. Sorry you lost the bet. :(

March 2014

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So. 6 weeks, my longest break from blogging, since I started in Jan 2012, with my first post announcing I was going to Europe for three months! There is no real reason for the break, except that I was in my yearly "why-is-there-no-sun" funk. I actually have been skiing, hiking, and going on weekend trips a fair amount...which I hope to catch up on (....maybe, eventually). But... that's later.

Today I went to see this amazing waterfall with a work friend. Luckily for me, my work friend doesn't mind taking about 50 pictures of me standing in various poses around the waterfall. What can I say? I usually hike alone. The idea that I might get a picture that includes more then just my head is really exciting to me.
 ^ yes, those are flats. Yes, I did regret wearing them since I stepped in a mud puddle, got really cold and my feet were then dirty. 

I love these three pictures - me in the cave. I obviously HAD to go in. But not TOO far in. There may be animals in there. Or treasure. (I'll never know.)

So.... in is a really cool waterfall, and I felt like a total local going there. (A local took me.) I plan on going back soon with a flashlight, and better shoes, to explore that cave. And, I am pretty enraged that in the year I lived in Stevenson no one told me about this waterfall that is legit right of highway 14, and so cool. least now I know.