june 2016 | snow tower lookout

Posted on 7/31/2016

To start off our road trip to the Redwoods I rented Snow Tower Lookout for three days, in southern Oregon - almost to California! It was great because the last tower we went to was three flights up and Scout HATED the stairs. We had to drag her up and down, and she peed all over Caleb each time. This one was nice and flat - ideal :)

And beautiful.

  Views that go on forever.

We never cooked on the stove in the lookout, instead we cooked over the fire, which was great.

 The sunsets and sunrises were unreal. The weather was so clear the entire time.

 We spent a lot of time reading, playing puzzles and card games.
 The last morning there were some clouds, but they were below us which was so cool!

july 2016 | angel's rest

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One over cast day last week Caleb and I decided to hike Angel's Rest. We live so close to it and it's a pretty short hike, and we figured the weather would hold off (it did!), so we headed up. The weather meant that the trail was almost empty, which was nice, and the view at the top was still really great - in fact, I thought it was just as pretty as a clear day with the clouds.

 ^ can you spy me and Scout? :) She LOVES to hike.

 ^ they are so cute together 

july 2016 | floating down the sandy

Posted on 7/30/2016

Is there anything better in the summer then floating? 
No :)

The Sandy is sooo slow, but that just makes for an extremely relaxing afternoon. We thought that our float would take about 2 hours, which ended up being a little over 4. Such a great afternoon!  

Summer is never long enough!

july 2016 | Phoebe's wedding! ♡

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In July, one of my dearest and sweetest friends Phoebe got married! The wedding was perfect, ever single little thing. I didn't take many pictures but I had such an amazing night and it was so special to be there while Phoebe married Pete that I wanted to share them. I am so, so happy for them both and can't wait for the life they will have together! ♡ 

july 2016 | girls camping trip!

Posted on 7/29/2016

In May, my friend Anna and I decided on a total whim to plan a girls camping trip! I am so glad we did! We had SO MUCH FUN. 
The drive up was beautiful:

And - since we went mid week - the campsite was basically empty, just us and a few other camp sites.

We made the best campfire dinners and breakfasts, chopped our own firewood, hiked, played games (Dutch Blitz anyone?), read and talked all night and morning.

During the day we went down to this waterfall-

 ...which you can swim right in, and even under!!!

 (Scout isn't super into water, but she wadded in a little. My brave girl!)

Later in the afternoon we went to the top of the waterfall, where there are pools you can swim and jump in-

It ended up being such a fun and perfect weekend away with some awesome ladies! I could not be more grateful to have such amazing women in my life.