January 2014 | Last weekend | ski day

Posted on 1/29/2014

 ^ Saturday I spent the day with some friends on the west side of Portland.... way West :) This was my fortune cookie.... a beach trip in my future?? I don't have any planned, but I feel that can always be arranged!!

Sunday morning I went skiing with my parents. Despite the fact that I had to get up at 7 am, it was a beautiful day, a perfect ski day!

We skied till about 11, took a break, skied a little more and went home early.


Posted on 1/27/2014

"I don't belong to any church. I believe that natures God is good. He has cared for me when I was almost sure there was no hope. I have nothing against folks who worship under a roof. That's there. But I like to sit out here under the sun and sky. That's an open Bible any man can read for himself." 
- James Buddington

(James Buddington was seriously awesome, you can read about him here. Or you can just read any book about the HMS Resolute. I was on a serious naval-story reading kick last summer.)

January 2014 | san diego part 2

Posted on 1/23/2014

^We don't need to go into details, but obviously we watched the Pat's game.

Then, later, we burned a Christmas tree! yes, it somehow fit in the car... this car also once had a queen size mattress on top of it. 

Bonfire beach night was great. I mean, it's a bonfire on the beach it's pretty perfect.

My last day, we went to the pier. The waves were pretty huge, although the pictures don't really make it look like they were that big, they were.

I went to dinner (with some other college friends, who actually just got married!!!!) who then dropped me off at the airport, and I was back at work on Tuesday.  (tired, but there!!)

I had such a great time in San Diego. I feel so lucky to have such great friends who have been there for me thru so much... Seriously, anyone who lived with me (8 people in a 3 bedroom apartment with 1 bathroom, specifically) thru the summer of 2009 (right after the break up of a 4 year long relationship) probably deserve some kind of medal! That was the best summer of my life, though. Nothing could ever compare.

Oh, and to answer the text I got Tuesday from one my friends who said "so, are you coming back already?" I am in fact already planning my next trip back. :)

January 2014 | San Diego part 1

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Last weekend, I went down to San Diego for MLK weekend. Some of my favorite people ever (we met in college) live there, I was soooooo excited. (Also, my ticket was insanely cheap, so that was exciting too.)

My flight meant I had to get up at 4am, but it was worth it because I landed at 9am Saturday! Kyle picked me up. Love him!
 ^ I made him take me to Starbucks immediately, where we paid with 3 gift cards and some change. Stay classy, San Diego. (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Then, we went to Caroline and Bryce's and went on a hike-
 ^yeah we hiked that, naturally!

 ^ two of my favorite people!
 ^ me & Caroline! 
^blue steel
It was so amazing to be wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. LOVE it.

Later that night, Caroline had to work :( so I went out with C & B and some of their friends. It was such a good time! (Even if I had to wear a long sleeved shirt).
 ^me & B / this is what happens when boys take your phone
^later that night, I rocked a hat  / pouted when the frozen ice cream place was closed!

But don't worry, we ended with this AMAZING place (I can't ever remember what it is called, something with a bear or something?) where you get to pick what kind of cookie you want, and ice cream and then you make your own ice cream sandwich. I know!!!! it's the best ever. I wish I knew who thought it up, so we could be friends.

January 2014 | Ski Day

Posted on 1/15/2014

Posted on 1/05/2014

germany | new years day- happy 2014.

Posted on 1/02/2014

On New Years Eve, we headed up to a friends house a town over. It was a dress up party- my favorite kind! :)

 ^ We ended up being 30 minutes early / 1 minute late for the train to the next town, so we took pictures.

The dinner party was great!!! Our friends apartment is INSANE! The view is amazing- and I can't believe I didn't even get one picture :(

After dinner some of us headed down to the restaurant downstairs and went dancing. 

It was such a great night, the best start ever for 2014!