september 2016 | bathroom before + after

Posted on 9/11/2016

I wasn't planning on re-doing the bathroom right away (thought it was certainly on my list).  There was really nothing WRONG with the bathroom.... it actually looks better in the before picture, really. The problem is, I am picky, and I hated everything.

So.... I was telling my Aunt that I wanted to paint the tile. And she said... "I don't think that is tile." So ten minutes and quick consult with Tyler later it looked something like this:
and the this:

which lead this THIS - which looks terrifying, but it's not mold (thank god), only old glue - which I had to scrap off ...  yuck.

So, at this point I decided I wanted to put shiplap up! But first I had to take out the sink, and toilet, you get to the walls.

And this is when I realized in renovating things, one thing just leads to the next!

I thought that taking out the sink would be easy, it was NOT.
But I got it done with a hammer :)

Then the deconstructed sink sat in my hallway for a few days while I was like "WTF did I get myself in to?!"

But at this point I had NO sink, and my walls were half way I had to move forward, there was no going back! (I really did question my sanity.)

Then I headed over to home depot, and got them to cut some plywood into 5.5 inch strips- which I then primed and painted over the course of about a week...
Once they were done, one Saturday it was GO TIME, now or never, no more messing around! (my Dad was heading out of town and I knew I would need his help!)
So we made a last minute decision to switch out the toilet (so glad we did my new one is so fancy, it was a push button instead of a's the little things.)

And then we laid the floor ("we"= Caleb)

While he did that I had a slight breakdown because the living room looked like this:

While I put together the new vanity, from IKEA.

Then we hit some plumbing roadblocks, and we stayed looking like this for about a week. The next Saturday we woke up and I told Caleb hell or high water we were finishing the bathroom.

And an entire day later....we did!
*cue angels singing*

And we were DONE!
Thank god I only have one bathroom.