july 2014 | crater lake 2 / 3

Posted on 9/14/2014

The Pinnacles are 8 miles(ish) off the loop around Crater Lake...they're weird and amazing.  

july 2014 | crater lake, oregon part 1 / 3

Posted on 9/07/2014

By the time the weather finally cleared up I decided it had been worth the wait. Finally, I even got a campsite inside the park itself also, which was nice. There are campsites outside the park, but they're a pain to get to. The campsites in the park are half reserve before, half walk-up-only (around 60 of each I think), but the walk up ones seemed impossible to get. I didn't get one till my 3rd day trying. :/ annoying.
But. Worth it. Because, nature... are you kidding me?
it's perfection.

The first day we drove around the crater and stopped at sooo many stops along the way.