hike | Glacier National Park- Shotgun Lake

Posted on 7/31/2013

I was super determined to hike to a lake, so the 3rd day we hiked to Shotgun Lake (13 miles). Just one mile in, we saw this cool waterfall-

And had these cool bridges. I love bridges like this ... I just think they're really cool. My Mom is also a really big fan of them so I think it runs in the family.

 ^ water is so clear...shoes are so dirty

A lot of the hiking was in trees, and it was much less crowded then the Highline Trail but then we would get to these beautiful clearings, which made it worth it.

 There were also a lot of streams to cross (with more cool bridges)-

And we finally got to the lake! It was beautiful! 

^ we ate lunch at the lake before heading back. There were some people that backpacked in & were staying the night, I was jealous. Next year, that will be me!

^ this was pretty typical of the hiking. This is around where I saw a bear!!! Joe was pretty far behind me, getting a drink or something, and RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME A BEAR RAN ACROSS THE TRAIL!!! I naturally did exactly what you're not supposed to do-ran back to Joe and loudly whispered "OMG THERE IS A BEAR!"  I then clapped (to make noise) the last three miles back to the trailhead. 

We got back pretty late (around 7), so that was it for the day. Such a good day hike!

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hike | Glacier National Park- Highline Trail

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The Highline Trail is a pretty popular trail, so we started out really early to try and beat the crowds (which I think we did). It's 13 miles, and so pretty the whole way!

 ^ danger!

 ^ a baby goat!!!

8 miles into the hike, you get to a chalet- which is naturally beautiful! :) We ate lunch there.

 ^ Rooms here (you backpack to them) are $150/night. :| 

The last four miles are ALL downhill. I felt bad for everyone we passed going up, because they would ask "are we almost to the top?" and we would have to say that sadly, they were not! It would have been a looonngggg four miles up- the book says the hike is "easy"...which I would say is NOT true!

After the hike, we drove to St. Mary Lake-

hike | Glacier National Park- Avalanche Lake & Going To The Sun Road

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The first day at Glacier we actually met up with Joe's brother and his wife (we knew they would be there, but didn't think that we would actually see them, then saw them! What good luck, right? We saw them right when we went into our campground.) The four of us hiked to Avalanche Lake, it was really pretty, and only 4 miles.

 Joe actually waded into the lake, and said it wasn't that cold -but it was really muddy.

After the hike, Joe and I drove up to the visitors center, up Going To The Sun Road -the only road that winds thru the park. It's REALLY steep and REALLY windy... but the views are amazing, so... it's worth it :)