march | weekend w/the family

Posted on 3/30/2015

Hey, I met a celeb!
The PDX carpet! It's the arnd marshal of the Rose Parade. Only in Oregon, right? I spent Saturday at an event where girls can pick out free prom dresses & it was there :)

Saturday night after a large energy drink, I went to bonfire at my parents new house!
^ crazy eyes
^ I got to see my Elsa! I am Anna, from Frozen, obviously! :) We colored by the fire and got to see her new room at my parents house (the largest room, of course, with a lot of books, of course).

^ picture with Elaine's head

& me and some of my peeps, that's the "fire" filter, BTW.
3 days to spring break!!

throwback thurs | santo, marshall islands

Posted on 3/12/2015

I recently found these again & thought they were so cute I had to share. Drinking from my first coconut in the Marshall Islands! :)
 ^my amazing host Mom, Tenita!
 ^drinking from a coconut

feburary 2015 | a bigfoot video

Posted on 3/03/2015

Bigfoot is no joke around Skamania County (people really believe!) and the 9th grade English class did an entire unit on bigfoot to capitalize on it : deciding what sources were legitimate, listening to guest speakers, doing research and then making a video about bigfoot. When I heard the English teacher was getting the Bigfoot costume from City Hall (because they have one, of course) I just HAD to go with as they shot the video.

it was just as amazing as I thought it would be.

We went up above town to shoot the video, perfect place for a Bigfoot to be.

I was able to watch some of the kids videos as well, and they were SO good and funny. I would say the teachers video was a solid C effort, some of the students videos were definitely better. A for effort though.