My new little house

Posted on 9/21/2013

I debated SO MUCH about moving, and if I wanted to leave my awesome house & try for somewhere new. I LOVED my house. I had so many good memories there and it was really perfect (I wanted to pick it up and move it 40 miles closer to town and live there forever), but I had a really hard year last year and I really wanted to make a change for this year. I ultimately decided that (since I was, luckily, on a month to month lease) I would just look for something & if I could find something cute in town, I would wait for the right thing.
Then I found something really cute! Like out of nowhere.... when I toured my place now it was TRASHED. It was sooooo dirty. But I knew that it could be cute- great details...and OMG that hardwood floor. I was somewhat concerned that it might be TOO small, especially since I came from a huge 2 bedroom house. But I was surprised when I moved in (after it was seriously professionally cleaned) that everything fit really well and the only thing I didn't bring from my house was my second bed (which is now back at my parents). 
So here is my cute new little home.

$5 garage sale lamp, Harry Potter + other books, Prague coasters, HGTV magazines, my favorite candle ever, a painting that I borrowed from my grandma- my grandparents bought it in NYC when my Mom was a kid.

 paintings from Madrid, little shoe from Holland :), sunglass collection- IDK how it got so big all the sudden- the american flag ones are of course my favorite, the heart I got in New Mexico on a trip with my Mom and brother when he was living in El Paso
 books, all my coat hooks -they're all cute little animals: a deer, dog & owl
 kitchen. I love the white sink thing, even though it's old and beat up I think it adds so much character to the house. Plus the mini stove and fridge. adorable.
 over my sink- 2 paintings from Morocco and the birthday cake that my mom bought at an art auction
 bedroom. Pillowcases embroidered by my great grandma, thrift store nightstands ($5 each, painted). Little known fact- I have to sleep with an eye mask because I need  complete darkness. The owl cross stitch was $3 at a thrift store & the eagle was $5 at salvation army.
 (clearly I need to update my pictures), more books, the "serenity prayer"- cross stitch was $4 at a thrift store (can you tell I'm obsessed with them lately), my favorite picture of my and my brother, scarf collection. 
 nightstand. books, books, books!!!, tea, the most amazing iphone charger ever that I am pretty sure came from my brother (love it).
breakfast. :)

I have been here a month- and I think that I made the total right choice in moving. I love it.

August 2013

Posted on 9/02/2013

August FLEW BY. I was crazy busy- even though I didn't even leave the Portland area once. Here is a quick run down of what I have been up to lately-

I was so excited when the brand behind Kate MIddleton's engagement photo dress got with Banana Republic to make a collection. I haddddd to have the dress. & I got it....victory. I have yet to wear it, but I don't even care. It's gorgeous. And I think I can rock it to work. I drug along my friend Aireanne, who got the same dress, too! If nothing else I think I have a great Halloween costume :)

^ it's just insanely flattering on everyone.  Love. 

I agonized over the deciding to move, or stay in the country house. Ultimately,  I decided to move.... which meant I had to pack, which sucks. It wasn't THAT bad, but still. It was really bittersweet and (not gonna lie) there were definitely some tears. I have so many memories from that house (good & bad), but it just comes down to the fact I know it's just not where I want to be, so I had to go. Living rurally for a year was fun, but it was really hard, too. And thought I am glad that I had that experience, I was very ready to move on. 

Because the idea that teachers have the whole summer off is kind of laughable. :) I spent lottsss of hours getting things ready for this year.
^ oh and I spent quite a few days in training, too.
^ my friend the bear at a school in White Salmon. I wish my school had a bear in the entry hall.

Lots and lots of time with friends. Outside happy hours- there is nothing better. Nothing. 

'Tis the season! I bought 20 pounds of tomatoes, and then with all the tomatoes from my Dad's garden I got 12 pints of tomato sauce. 

^ & in my TINY kitchen. 

^some of those are blue jars which make the sauce look brown, but it's really beautiful red:) 

After looottssss of cleaning, I gave my keys back & said goodbye to my country house.

Yes, it's true, the baby of the family is going to be the first married! After being initially depressed (after all, I am the oldest girl and currently single) I got over it & am now super excited for the wedding, which is in about 2 months. In Vegas.  I am beyond happy for the happy couple & know the weekend will be amazing. 

The only limitation was the dress had to be gray. I have yet to finalize what I am going to wear, since I have to buy something off the rack and don't have time to order it, but whatever. 

I will post more/better photos of my new place later, but here are a few photos of my new little house, still not all the way settled in, but everyday it's a little closer :)

I don't always wear my amazing 90's outfit, but when I do I look fabulouuusss!

& that pretty much was August! I can not believe it's September already.