throwback thursday - 8 Cheyann's graduation

Posted on 4/27/2013

Once upon a time, in like June of 2007, Cheyann graduated from High School. It's cool, she even had this amazing cake-
I was back visiting from Boston, so my parents and I went down for the weekend. 
I don't know why we were in the car with Little Foot, but I only have the most random pictures from this weekend. 

I love this picture of me and my Dad. I look SO YOUNG. & so does my Dad...hardly a gray hair to be seen.  :)

(And no, I don't have one single picture of me and Cheyann together. I have no idea why.)

Friday April 26th 2013

Posted on 4/26/2013

MUCH MUCH MUCH needed Friday. This week seemed SO long (even though Tuesday was a sick day for me...miserable), and thankfully Elaine, Phoebe & I finally were getting together!! :) :) We met in Hood River, and went to a very British Pub ...clearly.
 After a few drinks, we headed to dinner & then ice cream.
Seriously love them! OMG my year this year would have been so hard without Friday night girls night (almost) every Friday night. Especially now that the weather is getting nice again and we can be outside. Perfect way to end the week!

On the way back to Portland, Elaine and I stopped at every single place we could to look around and take pictures. It was still light out at eight o'clock. Summer. Is. Coming. 
I am super excited for a nice, calm, relaxing weekend at home with my parents. Much needed. (only 6 weeks left till summer break!) xo.

Sunday, April 21st 2013

Posted on 4/24/2013


Friday, April 19th 2013

Posted on 4/19/2013

This mural is on the side of my gym. I feel like there are a LOT of murals in the area I live in! They are more interesting then a blank wall, I guess. I think it's cool.

Some of my students made me this planter box! They even made the metal hooks, because they thought my house looked "sad"- they all know where I live, because it's a small town... they also like to honk as they drive by, regardless of the hour. It's kinda cute.
We are celebrating Zina's birthday this weekend, which will be amazing, I'm sure. 
And also very exciting.... SUN in the forecast. Oh my gawd. Spring might almost be here. 

throwback thursday 7 - Seoul, Korea

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Pretty much everywhere I went in Korea alone, I always stood out. And almost every museum I went to I was usually the only person there, or if I wasn't, it was me + a tourist group on a giant bus or something. (This was awesome because I got into a lot of things free & I was treated so well, sometimes I would get private tours!) 
One museum I had read about that I knew I wanted to go to was the Seoul Torture Museum. My guide book had a tiny blurb about it, my friend Mark had heard good things about it, and I was tired of history/art museums (though I love them dearly). I was pretty determined to find it- I walked around FOREVER in the rain, it was really kind of hidden, and then when I got there it was under construction. But it was still worth it- definitely I have never been to a museum like that before (and probably never will go to one like that again). It was an entire building (actually, multiple buildings) of maniquins being tortured. (Japanese torturing Koreans to be specific.) I had NOT expected this.
So it's pouring rain, the buildings are under construction, and I am the ONLY person in a building full of mannequins being tortured. Creepy, much?! I actually felt kind of wrong taking pictures it was so odd, and the only pictures I took were of the more PG scenes (some of the cells were pretty graphic torture).
So after that, I thought I was done--but there is another whole building that a helpful tour group brought me along for. Say it with me : interactive torture chambers. Yes that's right. Silly American me, I sit on a chair thinking nothing of it (the tour group told me to do it!), only to have flashing lights and a mannequin screaming at me in Japanese that I was sentenced to death. Then, the chair falls out from under you like you're being hung. (The tour group laughed at me as I screamed.)
In conclusion, if you're ever in Seoul, I would recommend the museum... it's honestly like nothing else I have ever experienced before (and probably never will again). 

The rest of the places I went in Seoul were pretty normal. All the palaces look the same (at least to me). 

Later, I went to dinner with my friend Mark, and some of his friends.
We made friends. It was so fun! From what I remember. :)
I actually don't have many pictures of me and Mark, which makes me sad, because I stayed with him for a week!

Then Kelly came to Seoul for the weekend-
So. Many. Shoes! And socks, too! :) And both purses....and other random stuff. I had so much fun in Korea! I was all set to stay there and live forever, then I found out I got into grad school & came home.  ♥

Thanks again to Kelly & Mark for hosting me!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Saturday April 13th 2013

Posted on 4/13/2013

OMG! Is it almost spring?! This pink tree says that it must be. Lots of long walks this week with my Mom, they're the best therapy.

My parents went to a fundraiser for Kiwanis Camp, which my Mom (and all of us really) are big supporters of.... it was "Prom" so my Dad broke out his tux. He does look really cute in a tux (and those glasses!!!!!) We were on our weekly Skype date with Josh, so of course it called for a family picture.
Then I got my Dad to pose for some pictures. Just casually working in his garden. Love my Dad. :)
Have you read this, about Dads and daughters... I saw in on pintrest this week, and really loved it. I honestly have the best Dad/family ever. (Except he never gave in on #11. I'm still waiting, btw, Dad!)

And lastly... my Mom...
Yup the best word to describe my parents is "adorable." Love them both so much. xoxo

throwback thursday 6 - Yangu & Gangneung, Korea

Posted on 4/11/2013

Kelly's adorable little town (Yangu) had the most adorable city center area. Loved it.
 I don't actually know if they are for playing on, or just for looks, but of course I wanted to ride the bear. :)
 I love that no matter where you go in the world, there is always graffiti in english. Always.

There was a history museum in Kelly's town- I walked out to it one day. I was the only person there. (Everywhere I went, I was usually the only person there.) Everything was always only in Korean (duh), so I had to guess what things were. I have no explanation for the golden egg. 

Kelly and I also went to visit her friend, whose name I can not remember, in Gangneung, which is on the East coast of Korea. We went to a fish market there. I really hate fish, but it was really cool (and cold). 
 Kelly is/was WWAYYY more adventurous then me, because she ate this - I am pretty sure it was stuffed octopus... I didn't try it. 

& then we went to a national park. But it was snowing wicked hard. So there was nothing to see, really...

^ The view was better when we left the city.

Then, Kelly went back to work- and I went to Seoul.  I will post about that and alllll the fun I had with my friend, Mark (who lived, and still lives in Seoul) next week :)