vegas | Chyler | After the wedding

Posted on 10/30/2013

After the wedding we hung out a bit while TONS of pictures were taken. Here are a few from my Dad, but the official photographer took a bunch that I think will be amazing & I can't wait to see those! :)

 ^ me + my parents
 ^ my Dad + Tyler-my new cousin in law!

There were TONS of cheesy back drops, sets, etc. & I could not resist taking pictures at a few of them-

 Once the pictures were all done, we went back to Zina's friend Cindy's time share where we had an awesome room for cake and some food. Cindy and her daughter Katie did an AMAZING job! It was beautiful & delicious!  I ate sooo much! 

Next, the bridal party went to take some more pictures on the strip (I have no picture of that) and finally ended up in the same group as the first night! It was just as fun as night one. 

 ^ The man with the lei's had just come back from a Jimmy Buffet concert!  None the dancing ladies on his pink shorts, amazing!
& that pretty much wraps up the weekend. The next morning I crawled out of bed, cried because I didn't want to leave Kyle and then cried again on the plane ride home because I HATE flying (in case you didn't know... I have a seriously bad case of flight anxiety that doesn't stop me from flying but does make me think I am going to die every time I get on a plane).

Thank you for having me be a part of your special day- xoxo

Vegas | Chyler | Going to the Little White Chapel

Posted on 10/29/2013

After Red Rock, we headed to the hotel and took limos to the Little White Chappel, but first there was a quick stop at the Vegas sign (where the wedding was originally supposed to be, but then Vegas changed the laws at the last minute about getting married in front of the sign).

 ^ Micah photobombing.

 ^ My Mom (who was in charge of the marriage certificate, Uncle Brian & me.
 ^ Dad, me, Uncle Brian!
 ^ my Grandma + her sisters

And then we got into the limos....

The bridal party rode in one limo & everyone else was in the Hummer limo- I don't have any picture of us from the limo I was in, but apparently they had a GREAT time sining "going to the chapel" in the entourage limo....we sang that as well, for the record. Along with classic songs such as "Aaron's Party" and "Will you maarryyy meeeee"

My Mom put this bag in front of Zina's face because Zina always looks amazing in pictures and she wanted her turn (as she explained it later)!

And with that, on to the wedding- but  I have no pictures of the ceremony at all.

Vegas | Chyler | Red Rock part two

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More beautiful Red Rock Pictures. 

 ^ Cheyann and her grandpa (on her Dad's side, our mutual Grandpa Harold died a few years ago)
 ^ Showing off our matching nail/ heels! :) 
 ^ Anna, Roman, Tyler, Cheyann, Grandpa, Micah

& of course someone just had to climb on top of the rock sign. How could you not?! I love climbing things...  I had to climb it too :)

^ Kyle & me :) 

Vegas | Chyler | Red Rock part one

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Before the wedding, the bridal party all drove out to Red Rock to take pictures, which was amazing (great idea Dad!!!). While the official wedding photographer took pictures my Dad took out his camera and took pictures, too. So although there will be the "official" wedding photos, here are some "unofficial" ones - I can't wait to see the rest taken by Tegan, the photographer/cousin on Cheyann's Dad's side- this was very much a family affair!
It was about a half hour from the hotel we stayed at the we all stuffed into two cars (all 10 of us), and drove out. The drive was miserable, but the pictures were totally worth it. It was hard to pick what ones to share, so I figured I would just share lots of them. These are primarily just of the bridesmaids, taken all by my Dad :)

 ^ me, Shelby and Jazzy 
 ^ Shelby, me, Jazzy & Micah, the 4 bridesmaids.
  ^ here we are with the groom. 
While the bride takes pictures (can't wait to see them!)-

 ^ It was SO BRIGHT. I am impressed with the amount of pictures that don't have us squinting, because that's ALL I felt like I was doing!!

 ^ Walking in shoes in this gravel was NO JOKE. We all needed people to help us walk, or I know I would have fallen flat on my face. 

Totally gorgeous, right?! It was so worth the drive, the heat and the fact that I was soooo thirsty! :)