February 24th 3013- ComicCon Portland

Posted on 2/25/2013

Elaine and I got tickets to ComicCon through a Google offer a few weeks ago.  We were bummed because we missed a LivingSocial deal initially, but when we saw the line for the Living Social, (which was about a million people long) & got to walk right up to the Google offer booth, we were pretty happy.
It was the first ComicCon we either of us had ever been too....actually, it's actually called Wizard World, so maybe it's not really called Comic Con at all, I have no idea if there is some kind of difference.
Out google offer included signed litographs... so we waited in a lot of lines. Which was fine.
Elaine was so excited every time she saw a Dr. Who anything-
I got excited when I saw the poster with the dinosaur eating Seattle :)
^ Tired spiderman at the end of the day.

There weren't a ton of people dressed up and it was pretty small. I can now say that Comic Con's are not my thing- and though I'm glad I went once, I don't know that I would go to one again, really. Elaine and I couldn't think of a single person we would say to sign anything for us, though some celebrities -like the guys from the Walking Dead- were charging $40 an autograph and $40 for one picture with them!! Insane. I can not think of anyone on this planet I would pay even $5 for a picture with. 

February 20th 2013

Posted on 2/22/2013

^ Tuesday was Elaine's birthday. Another friend came in from Portland and the three of us went on a walk, where it was gorgeous (as usual), the to dinner at the nicest restaurant in Stevenson. (We joke, but it really is the nicest place, & it's pretty good, too. --Best. sweet. potato. fries. ever.)
After dinner, my parents came out with an ice cream cake. Which Elaine & I ate later in the week.

^Baking for a student's birthday... I love these bowls which are from my BFF friend Mackenzie's grandma.

I have some fun plans for this weekend, so I am pretty excited that it's Fridayyy Fridayyyy. 

PS, I have been obsessed with this song lately, it's so pretty and easy to listen to. 

February 17th 2013

Posted on 2/17/2013

 Today we went snowshoeing for my friend Elaine's birthday. None of us had ever gone before, but we figured it would be amazing! And it was. Except the waking up at 8am on a Sunday part. Also I am reallllyyy sore already, only a few hours later. I am afraid of how sore I will be tomorrow. We did a 5 mile loop, and it took 3 hours (with a lunch break). 
We took a break when we were half way done, for lunch. It was pretty but when we stopped moving around it was COLD.
 It was so fun! I see more snowshoeing in my future, definitely.

February 15th 2013: Zoo!

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In honor of the three and a half day weekend and the amazing weather, my friends Keri, and Elaine decided to go to the zoo Friday afternoon (we had a half day thanks to furlough hours). It was such an amazing day to be there! And we saw the baby elephant, Lily :) It was such a great start to a 3 day weekend!

^there was a lot of Valentines Day stuff everywhere, which I thought was pretty cute!

^ Sooooooo cute 
^ "Biologist & silly grandpa"  ♥
^ I was smiling for the first picture till Elaine said "uhm, it's a lion eating your head, your reaction is smiling?" good point. 
Of course she's a badass, and just roars back at it instead, which I have to say I also don't think would be her reaction either.

Such an amazing Friday. Gotta say furlough days aren't the worst thing that have ever happened to me, getting out of work at noon certainly has some great perks.

February 13th 2013

Posted on 2/13/2013

When Elaine called me and said "do you want to go for a walk" I immedietly turned off my laptop and abandoned my work (this was long after my contract hours were over). 
^^ OTTERS! I thought they were beavers, but Elaine was like "they're otters, because I say so"... which I accept. 
^ When I first see this I think "compassion"... you don't? Oh modern art.

Then we went to dinner. And by dinner I mean deep fried appetizers. 

Oh & look who got flowers? Now I have two bouquets of flowers! So spoiled :) One I bought for me, and one that someone else bought for me. Actually, this is the first time in my life a guy has ever bought me anything for Valentines, seriously. They're really pretty, so worth the wait :)

February 10th 2013

Posted on 2/11/2013

My first try at pesto.
1 cup spinach, 2.5-ish tbs. toasted pine nuts (pine nuts + non-stick pan, 5 minutes over medium heat), 3 second squirt of lemon juice from the bottle (since I never have lemons hanging around), + about 1 tbs.-ish of water... all in food processor. pulse while adding a tbs of olive oil. stir in as much mozzarella cheese as you want. Mix with pasta & chicken, and congratulate yourself on making some amazing pesto! It's nothing impressive or inovative, but I've never made pesto before and I can't believe how easy it was. yum.
◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

February 10th 2013

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^ Portland looked like this.  :(  :(

So I went 45 minutes into the gorge...and, hello sun. 
I NEEDED the sun. And I didn't even know it. 

I even went on a little hike before I headed back to my house where I worked on my quilt for a few hours. My goal is to finish it before the end of the month, I am dedicated! :)

& I bought myself flowers. Valentines day week depression for a single girl, I think not. As Oscar Wilde said "to love oneself is the begining  of  a life long romance." I love myself. Me + me = love