Sasquatch 2013

Posted on 5/29/2013

In February my friend Elaine and I bought tickets to Sasquatch, a musical festival at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. Pretty much I have been waiting for this weekend ever since :)
So many bands that I was soooo excited to see were playing - Macklemore, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend ... and I was excited to see new bands too. I'm not a hugely obsessive music lover or anything, but I figured that a weekend away listening to music and camping was not a bad idea at all. 
The drive there was only about 4 hours (which wasn't bad since a lot of people I talked to came from Canada & had like 10-15 hour drives, and there was even one guy from Arizona who drove 15 hours!)
It looked a lot like this the whole way:
 With a little bit of this (for road construction in the middle of nowhere):
By the time we got to the amphitheater  it was sunny and we set up our little camp. Elaine had never set up a tent before, but we managed just fine (thanks for lending us the camping stuff, Dad!). It's basically 22,000 people camping so the camp ground/field goes on forever. Lots of people make flags for their campgrounds of have balloons because it can be hard to find where your camp ground is... but Elaine and I were off a main road, and didn't have a sign. My favorite was these balloons though:

Friday I was soooo excited to see Mackelmore (me and 22,000 other people!!), who I love for many reasons....but he wasn't on till 11 so I just lounged around in the sun and listened to some other bands (like Sea Wolf, who I have never heard of, but were pretty good!).
 It looked like it might rain, but then didn't... 
 & cleared up to this beautiful sunset, actually the best of the weekend.

 ^ View off one of the decks-- the stage is right to the right of this picture

You're just going to have to trust me that this is Macklemore. It was so funny after about one day I stopped taking pictures because they kinda all looked the same, and it's not like you really can tell who is on stage anyway.
Pretty sure Macklemore was my favorite of the whole weekend. I really like him, and am actually kinda sad that the song Thrift Shop is the one that made him famous.... he talks a lot about his politics in his music (which I agree with - especially his stance on gay marriage which I totally agree with him on, I love that song), and his battle with addiction. I really liked that he was open about his politics during his show. It was amazinnnggggg.

 I just hung out a lot and laid was so nice. 

We also saw Mumford & Sons who were AMAZING! Vampire Weekend was great, Imagine Dragon was also really good (though they went on an hour late and didn't even apologize which I thought was rude) and Capital City who I never had heard of before, but were AWESOME.

On the fourth day it rained. First it just drizzled.... then it rained and was miserable forever.

 Everyone was under tarps.... except we didn't have any which just meant I was so wet and miserable...and also cold.

Despite the rainy last day, it was so much fun! I got back home at 3am on Tuesday morning...and went to work at 8....then Tuesday night went to bed at 7pm and slept for 12 hours. :)

throwback thursday 12- OMSI After Dark

Posted on 5/23/2013

 Right before I left for the Marshall Islands, some of my friends & I from grad school went to OMSI After Dark- it was so fun! They open OMSI for adults only, & you get to drink beer & play with all the scool stuff. It's amazing! Elaine and I actually recently went to one (Mythbusters edition), they really are a great way to spend a Wednesday night! 
^ This nights "theme" was The Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe, this was a set from the movie. 

^ We climbed onto this sign. But I don't know how the girl in the middle is- a random. :/

I miss my grad school friends SO MUCH. I still see most of them sometimes...but it's not enough!

Tuesday, May 14th 2013

Posted on 5/18/2013

Lately life has been so crazy. I thought that at the start of the school year I was crazy busy, but the end of the school year is pretty much just as busy. It seems like I am always behind and every day goes so quick! I have been trying to really enjoy the last few weeks, & trying not to get too stressed out! (It's hard but I am doing my best!)
It's been raining all weekend, but earlier in this weekend a friend and I went for a run/hike combo, & checked out this local park that I didn't even know existed! It was so fun....can I spot the Sasquatches?Yes I can :)
 How cute is this whole park, I mean really?!

There are about 15 days of school left...where has the year gone?! Graduation is June 4th, and I am pretty sure going to cry! My first senior class as a proud :) :)