February 2014 | ski day

Posted on 2/19/2014

Saturday of snow weekend, Elaine, her roommate and I went up to Timberline to ski. It was an insanely stormy and snowy day- but it was SO good to get out of the house. The driving was actually really actually fine- it was the skiing that was terrifying.

We couldn't stay skiing that long, since it was FREEZING cold and everything was getting soaking wet - but sitting in the lodge eating nachos and drinking hot chocolate was pretty nice too. :)

feburary 2014 | so many snow days

Posted on 2/11/2014

I don't really follow the weather, so when I woke up and had a call that it was a snow day....I was really surprised!!! Ommmggggg....snow day!!!!!! (For the record, my district makes up every snow day, so it's not just a paid day off, I have to make up for it later- either by not having a 3 day weekend or adding days onto the end of the school year). 

But regardless. I was HAPPY.

After lounging around, going to the gym, etc I drove my Dad to the train station- he was flying to drive to Kansas. Here was my face on the way back (that took an hour and a half, instead of a half hour, like it was supposed to)-

My Mom brought me some "supplies" for the storm-
 and I made some banana bread:
 because this was the forecast for the next three days. 
 and it was totally accurate. It snowed alllllll weekend.

Finally, Monday I was able to escape and my Mom and I went to lunch/ I edited her paper at a restaurant: 
 She's a champ driving in the snow.
 Till she gets mad.


Monday night my Mom and I made snowmen, and took a walk in the snow:

^ nice gloves, Mom!!

All together, I had three days off work. It was nice....but I was ready to go back, being stuck at home was pretty boring. There is only so much cleaning, organizing and TV watching you can do, really. 

February 2014 | babysitting

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I have been annoying one of my friends (for weeks) to let me babysit...I don't think it's really babysitting, since I LOVE this little guy. He is so smart, and funny...and all around adorable. I love watching him grow up. I have known him since he was 1 month old...he was the youngest baby I ever held, the first diaper I ever changed. So watching him is no chore. That's what I beg my friend to go to a movie, to go dinner, etc and let me stay with him! :)
 ^ I let him play with bubbles in the sink, he loved it! 

 ^ My Mom came over to hang out to. They're so adorable together. 
 ^ Messages to my friend. I always want to be the cool babysitter. :)

It was so fun watching this cute little guy. But it's exhausting! Seriously I don't know how parents do it. :) 

january 2014 | smith rock | redmond, part 3

Posted on 2/06/2014

Sunday Joe and I went to Smith Rock, and hiked to the top. The weather was ... snowy but it was still great.  Joe is my favorite person to hike with because he lets me go first, stop as much as I want, and never complains. And gives me pep talks when we are close to the top. 

January 2014 | redmond, or | part 2

Posted on 2/05/2014

Saturday Joe and I went snowshoeing! Except for the $175 parking ticket, it was a great time. And we may have gotten somewhat lost a time or two...but we still got where we wanted to go. I just get nervous when I don't know exactly where I am. And since both Joe and I are directionally challenged, that happens quite a bit with the two of us together. 

 ^ this lake was our final destination.

^Joe works for a really cool company, called Atlas Cider Company, (he even has a bio on their website!) and we went there to check it out Saturday night. The cider is AMAZING. And on the way back Khan sat in my lap.

January 2014 | Redmond, Oregon | part 1

Posted on 2/04/2014

Last weekend I went to visit one of my good friends Joe in Redmond, Oregon- I LOVE Redmond, and I would LOVE to move to the area. Someday!!! (This was actually take 2 on this trip, since the first one was canceled due to snow.)
 ^ this was my Friday morning. It was "flannel Friday" for Spirit week, but I don't own flannel anything, so I wore polka dots.

And this was my Friday afternoon:
^ outside White Salmon, another place I would love to live!


Posted on 2/03/2014

Smith Rock on Sunday with Joe, of course it snowed.