October 2015 | 1000 Acre Dog Park with Scout

Posted on 10/31/2015

Last Thursday the weather was just TOO perfect, so as soon as I was off work I went right home to get Scout and then to the dog park! She loves this park, its huge and full of pits to dig in, holes to swim and things to smell. Needless to say chicken nugget needed a bath after, but she doesn't really mind and lets us give them to her, so whatever.

& Scout in her halloween costume

july 2015 | Machu Picchu | Huayna Picchu 5 / 5

Posted on 10/04/2015

After staying at the top for a bit and looking for Elaine (she ended up beating us to the bottom by 5 minutes, and left us a note before heading off with some other people she knew)  Matt and I headed down. 

^ you WANT to hike this....promise
And RIGHT when we got down, it started to rain - perfect timing. I can't imagine going down those narrow stairs in the rain I probably would have had a heart attack.

july 2015 | Machu Picchu | Huayna Picchu 4 / 5

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After wandering around Machu Picchu for the morning, we were lucky enough to have gotten tickets to hike to Huayna Picchu in the afternoon - they only sell 400 tickets a day, for two different entrance times, either the morning or late morning (we were the later one- our entrance time was at ten). We really had NO IDEA what we were in for - the hardest, most terrifying hike of my life. It was equal parts amazing and OMG WTF.  

^ Huayna Picchu
^ it's stairs like this the entire way

Pretty early on Elaine went ahead with some guys we had met and it was just Matt and I. It was a hard climb- mentally because every step was terrifying, and physically because going UP (again!) in the elevation was not something either Matt or I were super enthused about. It took us about a hour to get to the top.... and it was so worth it.

At the top there are three different platforms, and then the real "top" - which I have no pictures of because you literally climb thru a tiny hole and come out, and OH, you're on the top of a rock face. I have no real hight problems, but I was like GET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW. Even thinking about it now, makes me kind of sick. 

^ but THIS view - I mean how can you go all the way to Machu Picchu, and not see this?
There is a small grouping of houses at Huayna Picchu as well. Why? Who knows. It's totally insane to think that people might have lived there (or done that hike daily!) and no one really knows for sure why it exists. I guess thats part of the mystery, and what makes the entire Machu Picchu experience so special.