August 2015 | Eagle Creek, Oregon with Scout

Posted on 8/29/2015

About a month after Caleb and I rescued little Miss. Scout Bailey, we decided it was time to take her on her first backpacking trip to see how she would handle it. I had camped with her before (and she did fine) and we had hiked with her before (which she was also fine with), so it was time to see if she would be okay with the combination of both. We settled on backpacking one night up Eagle Creek, it is about 7 miles to camping (one way).
We headed out Friday afternoon. Scout LOVED it, and had a great time. She did really well and had a TON of energy the entire hike (how?). Saturday morning, since no one was around - we started hiking around 7am - we let her off leash for most of the way back and she did great. We figure 7-8 miles would probably be her max in a day (she was definitely beat at at end of the days) but more hikes are in our future for sure :) We are even looking into getting her a little backpack to carry her own stuff as well!

 ^ Scout loves to sniff EVERYTHING. We think she is part hound. We brought her a bone, and she promptly buried it, it was adorable. I think everything she does is adorable.
 ^ our little camp spot.

Annddddd our adventure dog! :

 ^our campsite was right thru these trees and to the left.

 We weren't sure how Scout would like the water, and she didn't love it at first. I think that she was never outside before she came to us, because she doesn't really seem to understand some things (like water, of pooping in the grass) but she is doing so much better and she was so cute in the water, after Caleb showed her how!

 She was so cute waiting in our campsite for us in the morning.

 ^ these are my favorite pictures. I love them together!

^ the fires on the way back turned the ski a seriously questionable color.

july 2015 | Machu Picchu 1 / ?

Posted on 8/28/2015

Some places really live up to all the hype... Machu Picchu is one of those places.
It really was that amazing, that impressive, that mind blowing. So sorry not sorry, because it was hard to cut ANY pictures and I am pretty sure Machu Picchu is going to be about ten posts long. I mean, all the pictures are amazing!
We got to Machu Picchu at around 6am, which meant a waking up at 4am. I hate mornings... but it was worth it. When we got there it felt like no no one was there :

It was SO amazing. I split off from my group and just wandered around alone. I love being alone, so it worked for me.

It was great to be able to wander in such an incredible place all alone -  but after about an hour and a half, I circled back around to my group and met up with Elaine & Matt. We didn't spend that much longer with our group - we were quickly distracted by some llamas (you can see all the pictures here).

July 2015 | Machu Picchu llama selfies.

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Llama selfie at Machu Picchu.... need I say more?