Janurary 2017 | 6 month house progress

Posted on 1/16/2017

Since we have had seven snow days, and I realized today that I have been moved into the house for six months (in two days,) I thought it would be interesting to see how much it has changed! Though we didn't really move in till the start of October since the floors were being re-done, a LOT has changed! And a lot more is on the to do list.  But we have made great progress!

I have basically done nothing here - but I have plans! New floor, new cabinets, I am almost convinced to get new appliances- coming Spring 2017! :)

We totally re-did this room, which I love now. I can't wait to do the kitchen now. White everything... light wood... *sigh*


We did A LOT of work in the bathroom right when we moved in. That was like a 'phase 1' - there are definitely plans in the works for new flooring in here. I do like the flooring that is there now BUT it doesn't fit with the house and that drives me crazy every time I go in there. It feels too modern for the house.
Luckily, the bathroom is pretty small so I don't feel bad about forking out some more money to change it to something that will go with the house better. I already know exactly what I want! :) Hoping that will be an (early! :) ) summer project.

We painted the walls, ceiling and the carpet was all ripped up and floor re done (it wasn't stained, that is the natural color, which I love!).  I played around with the furniture arrangement, and initially just moved the table in for Thanksgiving, but we both really like it so it has stayed! I also am really feeling the Christmas lights, which I don't think I will me taking down anytime soon.
It feels so much more cozy now. We also just recently moved Nella's crate into the living room from the kitchen (we thought it would be warmer), and I want to build one of those cute pinterest covers for it or something. It's kind of an eyesore.

Bedroom One
This is actually the larger room, but since it's at the front of the house we decided to make it the TV/ quilt / study room instead of the bedroom. I think it was a good idea. The house is only 800 sq feet but neither of the rooms seem small, which is nice.
This actually has become my favorite room! Though there is some work to do. Those exposed cables. I can't look away... I need to problem solve that asap.

Bedroom Two
Our room. Basic bedroom status. IDK why the plants are looking at little sad right now. I blame the weather. 

Bonus! Hallway!
I want to get a really cool light for this hallway (the single bulb is creepy, right?) but I have yet to commit to one. 

And that's it! Can't wait to see what it looks like after the summer!! 

NELLA IV | update!

Posted on 1/15/2017

How cute is this picture of Nella Bella Bean?

Nella gets her nails cut a few times a week (every day if we can remember) and she doesn't seem to mind at all, knock on wood. We also brush her teeth, which she accepts but is less thrilled with... I think / hope because she is teething?

Anyway - how cute are they together? She is the cutest!

House | new laundry room!

Posted on 1/09/2017

When we moved in, our laundry room looked like this:

It certainly was not awful, and I was excited to have a laundry room at all, but it was also not functional AT ALL.

The bottom cabinets would not open on the left, due to the placement of the washing machine and the cabinets were impossible to really store anything as they were a really odd shape and all different sizes. No picture, but just trust me that it was a HOT MESS of crap everywhere and something needed to be done for my sanity!

To start with, we took down the cabinets, which were held up by FOUR screws. I swear. That was easy enough. The bottom were the same way, they whole removal took like five minutes.

Next, I painted the entire room white, which didn't take long at all, and re-painted the trim around the window. 

Then, I  (ahem...Caleb...) installed "shelves" - 8 ft long boards cut down to size.
This was the most tedious part, trying to get them level, and of course the wall isn't straight but while it's not perfect, it's beautiful! 
We moved the washer and dryer back in and:
ta do! 
hello, beautiful laundry room. 
SUCH an improvement and now a functional space that we can actually use. 

The biggest problem is that now my kitchen is the sore thumb of the house, and I reallllyyyyy am wanting to re-do it sooner, rather then later. 
Again, it's not AWFUL, either. But it's not super functional, and well, let's just say.... it's days are numbered. 


Posted on 1/08/2017

What a cold and miserable winter we have had ... UGH. I wish I could say I have been super productive or something - but I have really just been marathoning Pretty Little Liars (5 seasons x 21 episodes a season...)

But I did just print this picture in a 16 x 20 to hang in our living room! I love it so much, I figured I would share it again.

We are having a 1/2 birthday party for Nella in March, so hopefully we will get an equally cute picture at her party then to print in giant size- but maybe not of her in the air, as that is prrrrobably not allowed :) Maybe a 1/2 birthday sounds crazy but since we will only have her for 2 years, we will only have her for one "full birthday" so we figured, why not!