Posted on 1/08/2017

What a cold and miserable winter we have had ... UGH. I wish I could say I have been super productive or something - but I have really just been marathoning Pretty Little Liars (5 seasons x 21 episodes a season...)

But I did just print this picture in a 16 x 20 to hang in our living room! I love it so much, I figured I would share it again.

We are having a 1/2 birthday party for Nella in March, so hopefully we will get an equally cute picture at her party then to print in giant size- but maybe not of her in the air, as that is prrrrobably not allowed :) Maybe a 1/2 birthday sounds crazy but since we will only have her for 2 years, we will only have her for one "full birthday" so we figured, why not! 

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